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This picture.  When it happened I wanted to run and cry.  I did NOT want my picture taken.  Well, when do I ever WANT my picture taken.  But, this moment was supposed to have been different, and so I especially wanted to find a hole to stick my head into.  I had wanted the day to go smoothly.  Just once, I had wanted to be put together with hair and makeup and clothes without mashed puffs somewhere.  It was Derhing’s prom day, and we had miles to travel and multiple places to be, but I thought I had it coordinated where all would fit neatly…but mid-morning as I sat at a soccer game in sweats and a ball cap to hide my dirty hair, everything unravelled.  Derhing’s date who was going to pick her up in Rogers had a problem with the florist and couldn’t leave to get Derhing which meant I would need to drive her to Joplin, which meant I would have to leave from the soccer game as I was and take her to get her hair done in Joplin, which meant I didn’t get a bath, or any opportunity to get ready.  It was her day, but I desperately didn’t want to be in sweats and a ball cap.  I had my husband grab a sundress out of my closet as he drove up, but it didn’t change the fact that my hair was a mess.  I didn’t even have a hair brush, so I swept it back in my traditional messy bun, and put on some mascara and lip gloss that was available in the van.  I was still frozen with inadequacy, so I chose to not go down to the park while everyone was there doing pictures together.  After some time, when I thought it would be cleared out, I headed down to take some pictures of Dehring and Kyle together.  To my relief, it was cleared out, and I was free to do my thing without needing to socialize.   We were winding down, when suddenly, Kyle grabbed the camera from me, and said let’s take a picture of you and Dehring.  I was immediately as belligerent as a two year old, arguing and refusing to cooperate, but not getting any further with getting my way.  Dehring said give up Mom, I want a picture with you, and I could literally feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I said, but I am grimy and dirty and my hair isn’t fixed and I don’t have make-up on…and what I wasn’t saying is that I am fat and ugly and hate how I look and think that somehow if I always avoid the camera I can pretend myself into something different.

The picture happened.  Kyle had the 70-200 image way too close, and I consoled myself that the picture would be all blurry and unusable, so it was okay.  And that was that.  I didn’t die when the shutter clicked, and life went on, and I of course skipped right over the image when I uploaded them, and it was as though it never happened…at least I thought.

Then, along came May 10.  Mother’s Day.  And I noticed my phone was buzzing with Instagram notifications, which was odd, as I hadn’t put any photos up recently, so I got on to check…and there it was.  A picture of me.  And my first reaction was horror…it wasn’t blurry and unusable, the picture was right there, for God and everyone to see.  Now people were going to know what I look like!!! And then a small place in me softened, and I was super impressed with Dehring’s editing, and I was reminded how beautiful she was, and what a special relationship we have…and I didn’t crumble and die, and no one called to tell me that they could no longer associate with me because my hair was dirty and I was fat.  Actually over the next couple of months, I had two moms of Dehring’s friends bring up the picture.  One commented how much she would love to have a picture with her daughter just like that, because it was fun, and so full of love.  I laughed and said, oh I was so resistant to having that picture taken, I was grimy and I hate to have my picture taken.  The other commented, “Really? I never noticed at all.  I hate to have my picture taken, too…but if it meant I could have one with my daughter like that, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

This all really got me started thinking…

First off, my real friends and family; you all see me, the whole three dimensional glory of me all the time.   And you still like me.   I just don’t see me.  

And then I started thinking more…

How many pictures do I have of Moms with their kids, especially seniors?  I almost always offer, but rarely does someone step in and take one, and almost never are they purchased.

I pulled out these images because they came to mind.



The black and white image is one of my favorite I have ever taken.  I polished the color one, but in the black and white I had to leave a bit of wrinkles…of the tiredness around mom’s eyes, because it is so real.  And real is so beautiful.  What makes this image so touching is the vulnerability.  The love, and sadness, and realness of life are all palpable.  We want to look perfect, because society says we have to be perfect to be deserving…and yet vulnerability is so, so beautiful.  Why is it, I can see that in others, but I can’t see that in myself?  I don’t have that answer, but what I do have is the ability to be an example.

And so, it is time to woman up.  And I have been taking steps.  Recently, I had a client who needed to change a session last minute, which meant that I didn’t have a sitter, and during her session she turned to me and said, “now let me have the camera and you go over right where you had me, and let me take a picture of you with Rowan.”  And I let her.  And yesterday, I did the unthinkable.  I took a selfie and posted it on Twitter.

My insides hurt.  I got teary eyed.  And I did it anyway.

Moms, our kids love us.  And someday we are going to be gone.  And in the meantime, we will be here, but tomorrow is gone…and gone in the blink of an eye.  Our people…they don’t care that we are fat, have dirty hair, out of style clothes, wrinkles, squished puffs…they love us because we are someone important to them.  And often the fat is there because we gave up gym time to drive kiddos to little league practice.  The dirty hair is there because we were too busy with breakfast and baths and school forms and our precious shower didn’t happen.  And those out of style clothes are because we don’t love fashion and new clothes, it is because we buy the kids those new looks first, and the budget didn’t quite stretch far enough to fit ours in at the end, and those wrinkles, well all those middle of the night breastfeeding sessions and extra prayer time for that teenager out with the car took away a lot of our beauty sleep.  And squished puffs are a sure sign that you hold your babies close.  It doesn’t feel like it Moms…but these are badges of honor.

“Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”
~Margery Williams The Velveteen Rabbit

Real is beautiful.  And yes, society doesn’t understand.  But let’s not let that rob us of the reality of our beauty in sacrifice and love.

Here are a few mom (and grandma) images I came across.  I don’t know about you, but all I see is love.  Beautiful. Real. Love.

15 bwFZ8T8976FZ8T2994 IMG_6673BW26226 IMG_8834 IMG_9200bw tint_6309


If you have considered a family photography session, but have put it off because you just needed to {insert chosen thing to fix}, consider booking a session now.  I am currently booking into fall. Email text or call 479-426-0200 to reserve a time.

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AR Sports Photography NWA Wings Basketball

The NWA Wings finished their season in Kansas City, and I had the opportunity for some sports photography action while I was there.  These girls are seriously funny and swaggy as it gets.  They love this sport, and have a neat bond as a team.  Mike did an amazing job coaching both on and off the court, and it is obvious he is committed to these girls.  High schools that are represented on this team include Farmington, Fayetteville, Valley Springs and Heritage High School.  Congratulations on a successful summer and I will be cheering you on in your upcoming seasons!

You are welcome to show off your skills… feel free to share them on any social media site you would like.  Please include a shoutout to me… Here are my links/handles/name thingies Facebook: Saclolo Photography   Instagram: #saclolophotography   Twitter: @SacloloPhoto   Pinterest: Saclolo Photography.  If you would like a link to the entire gallery or would like to purchase full resolution files for printing email me.  If you have a sporting event, birthday party, reunion, etc. and would like to have quality, live-action photojournalistic photography like this email or call/text 479-426-0200.  Pricing can be seen in the pricing/investment tab, or scroll down to the end of these pictures for a quick reference card.  Although I am primarily a portrait photographer, sports photography holds a special place to me as I love to capture the work and spirit athletes exhibit.

FZ8T8851 FZ8T8894 FZ8T8932 FZ8T8957 FZ8T8968 FZ8T8985 FZ8T8995 FZ8T9005 FZ8T9009 FZ8T9032 FZ8T9092 FZ8T9129 FZ8T9145 FZ8T9153 FZ8T9219 FZ8T9173 FZ8T9207 FZ8T9165



FZ8T9302 FZ8T9305 FZ8T9348 FZ8T9349 FZ8T9356 FZ8T9428 FZ8T9454 FZ8T9629 FZ8T9644 FZ8T9665 FZ8T9668 FZ8T9715 FZ8T9720 FZ8T9721 FZ8T9757 FZ8T9807


Saclolo Photography event coverage pricing

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HHS girls basketball | The Beginning of the End

Summer Ball.  Friendships are forged and team dynamics are tested.  Winning matters less and experimentation matters more.  So do snow cone runs.  They matter the most.  And so it begins….the end.  Dehr is a senior. How, how, HOW can this be?  Please someone…tell me where the rewind button is. I. Am. Not. Ready. Every moment is a reminder that this is the last time.  So, here it is…HHS high school girls basketball testing the court.

I must apologize, this is not my best work.  Hand holding the 70-200 beast of a lens one handed while wrestling a one year old tested my abilities and my patience.  And the light in these old rec gyms was rough.  But I am going to try something new, and say they are good enough given the circumstances, and this day mattered, so I am sucking it up and sharing them with you.

Heritage traveled to Springfield MO for the Trilakes Shootout for some girls basketball action.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3270

Mere came out of the chute with arms and legs (and curly ponytail) flying. She is upperclass now, and she has her jaw set like one. Anyone who wants her starting spot is going to have to be ready to battle. And that is what makes a good team better. Everyone wins when the game is upped internally.

HHS girls basketball

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3277

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3285

Introducing Amber. She is the newest member of the team, and threw on number 14, and headed to the court as point. She has a big jersey and position to replace Em…but she’s got the grit to go for it.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3291

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3305

Another new face is Sydney, the baby of the team, and the first freshman to play up.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3312

Sorry girl, you’ll remember that screen you slammed into tomorrow when you sit up to get out of bed. Way to set that like a big dog, Dehr, and way to capitalize on it A.T.  I was panning to follow Amber, and she was going so fast everything else is blurry.  This girl has some speed.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3325

No, LIb Lib, it wasn’t called a charge. Way to get it done, you looked good out there girl.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3328

In your eye, sweetheart.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3329And whoever thought (me) that hand signals were a baseball/softball thing were very mistaken.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3331

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3332

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3337

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3342

And a little JV action with Kate, Kayla and Jaysley.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3346

HHS girls high school basketball 1 FZ8T3358

First ever moment in the history of ever that Dehring or Hailey didn’t block or lay someone out who was throwing something up under the basket. Consider it an early Christmas gift, Harrison…and don’t expect another.

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3359

HHS girls high school basketball FZ8T3360Are your ankles okay, girls???

HHS girls high school basketball 14

HHS girls high school basketball 13 FZ8T3381

FZ8T3385HHS girls high school basketball 12Nice drive and control of your opponent, Dehr.

HHS girls high school basketball 11

HHS girls high school basketball 10

HHS girls high school basketball 9

HHS girls high school basketball 8

HHS girls high school basketball 7

HHS girls high school basketball 6

HHS girls high school basketball 5

Sorry sister, those skinny legs are stronger than you thought, aren’t they?

HHS girls high school basketball 4

And this is where the game got tense, and where I wish I was able to get off  more frames to tell the story better.  We were up by one, with Harrison in possession, and Dehr fought through several defenders to contest this shot.

HHS girls high school basketball 3

It bounces off the rim, and Lib and Dehr fighting for the rebound, and sealing the win with a possession as the last seconds of the clock ran out.

HHS girls high school basketball 2

HHS girls high school basketball 1

3-0 feels good.

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