Jul 29th

AR Sports Photography NWA Wings Basketball

The NWA Wings finished their season in Kansas City, and I had the opportunity for some sports photography action while I was there.  These girls are seriously funny and swaggy as it gets.  They love this sport, and have a neat bond as a team.  Mike did an amazing job coaching both on and off the court, and it is obvious he is committed to these girls.  High schools that are represented on this team include Farmington, Fayetteville, Valley Springs and Heritage High School.  Congratulations on a successful summer and I will be cheering you on in your upcoming seasons!

You are welcome to show off your skills… feel free to share them on any social media site you would like.  Please include a shoutout to me… Here are my links/handles/name thingies Facebook: Saclolo Photography   Instagram: #saclolophotography   Twitter: @SacloloPhoto   Pinterest: Saclolo Photography.  If you would like a link to the entire gallery or would like to purchase full resolution files for printing email me.  If you have a sporting event, birthday party, reunion, etc. and would like to have quality, live-action photojournalistic photography like this email or call/text 479-426-0200.  Pricing can be seen in the pricing/investment tab, or scroll down to the end of these pictures for a quick reference card.  Although I am primarily a portrait photographer, sports photography holds a special place to me as I love to capture the work and spirit athletes exhibit.

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FZ8T9302 FZ8T9305 FZ8T9348 FZ8T9349 FZ8T9356 FZ8T9428 FZ8T9454 FZ8T9629 FZ8T9644 FZ8T9665 FZ8T9668 FZ8T9715 FZ8T9720 FZ8T9721 FZ8T9757 FZ8T9807


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