Dec 4th

Callie Fall Senior Pictures Downtown Rogers AR

Callie met me in downtown Rogers AR for fall senior pictures.  It was a stunning afternoon, and we had fun shooting well into twilight.  The diversity of colors and textures downtown offer endless options for creating senior pictures that look beautiful, and celebrate the heritage of our hometown so steeped in history.  Every look you see here was within a short walking distance.  This year was a subtle autumn, but that doesn’t mean there was a lack of color.  Callie’s outfits, soft creams and browns, were perfect complements of the the bright reds and yellows in the foliage.





Although, the fall color is stunning, I love a good black and white!  It amazes me how different an image can look and the mood evoked edited in color versus black and white.  BW1














It was getting dark enough that car lights were adding to the dynamic of the picture.  You don’t have to be in New York to add a bit of urban to your images!




Those of you from NWA, can you recognize where we shot all of these images??  And do you know of any other of the countless seniors that had their pictures done in downtown that have images just like Callie?  I work extra hard to give each senior a unique look that no other has.  Generic images, locations and poses that all of your friends will have is what I fight against.  You are unique, and I want to capture you, not do the easiest session I can.




Same picture, just a slightly different crop, and an altogether different look!


The dark had taken over, but window light makes this image a stunner!  Seriously love this one!


I cannot say enough positive things about Callie and her family during this session.  First of all, she is so, so sweet.  For those of you who are blessed to have her in your life…you are lucky, she is a keeper!  During the session, her family was there to help her change quickly and drive from locations when we were racing the light and didn’t have time to walk, but never once did they interfere with the images, repose her, distract her during the session, etc.  I wish they could give lessons to family members, as they were the perfect example of being positive supporters without interfering with the process.  I know all parents are well meaning, but I wish sometimes they understood that whether their child is 3 months or 30 images are never as good when the subject is distracted from the camera or feels tense and self conscious.  And Callie was a such.a.trooper.  She was COLD, the wind was whipping her hair everywhere, we did some more creative posing, which means holding awkward positions but “thinking” to look relaxed.  She completely trusted me, and the results are stunning, varied images that we created in a short amount of time!  I love input from my clients, as I want to collaborate with them on a vision, and Callie and I had talked beforehand about ideas she had, and places she wanted to incorporate into pictures.  We were both ready to go on picture day.

For those of you into photography, I shot the majority of these with a Canon 70-200 2.8, and 85 1.4 usually pretty wide open to take advantage of the bokeh and compression these amazing lenses produce.

Thank you Callie for choosing me as your photographer.  I know there are so many out there, and while I strive to be the absolute best, I know there are many choices, and your trust and devotion to me mean so very much!

If you are looking for a photographer, I would love to work with you.  Send me an email or text/call 479-426-0200.

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